Foto av Deidhra Fahey

Foto av Deidhra Fahey

Photo by Ian Brodie

Photo by Ian Brodie

I Olavs fotspor

Photo by Anita Sung

Photo by Anita Sung

Photo by Martin Doshé

Photo by Martin Doshé

Star Wars Live show - May the 4th Fest

I play Kylo Ren

Stunt Coordinating upcoming USA TV series

The Nun - Conjuring Warner Brothers Horror Made here

Horror Made Here at Warner Brothers

At filmfestival promoting Stunts in Motion

Motion Picture Driving Clinic, training with the incredible team at Rick Seaman's Stunt Driving School

Precision Driving

Stunt Driving

Rowing as stunt double at Peer Gynt in Norway

Stunt Double Rowing at Peer Gynt live theater in Norway

Horse Wrangler at Peer Gynt Theater in Norway. Here with the talented dancer and actress Belinda Braza.

Where is she now...? won several award at many film festivals all over the world. I worked on the production as the stunt coordinator and fight choreographer.

Youtube web series - Angry Gurls

Falling through a glass table in the award winning film Bloody Luck

Photo by Antonio Chavez Trejo

Norwegian TV came to interview me about stunts

The traditional Lion Dance for Chinese New Years.